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Member benefits include:

  • NYS CPC Newsletter: The newsletter features articles on current crime prevention technology, topics, trends and programs; notification of regional, state and national association activities, and identifies legislative issues. Also, it provides an open forum for members.

  • Annual Conference: The conference offers an opportunity to attend a wide range of trainings and workshops on crime prevention topics, and enables members to network and share ideas and programs with other practitioners from around the state.

  • Annual Awards Banquet: Held in conjunction with NYS CPC’s Annual Conference, the banquet offers a time to meet with colleagues and to honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to crime prevention.

  • Training Programs: Members have access to a variety of basic and advanced training programs presented in cooperation with regional associations. The seminars are held throughout the year and are offered to members at a minimal expense

  • National Affiliation: with the National Crime Prevention Council, Washington, D.C. affords members an opportunity to obtain crime prevention materials and information on numerous topics and notification of national conferences.

  • Regional Associations: Associations around the state provide services and support to their members and input to the NYS CPC

  • Professionalism: The opportunity to be certified by NYS CPC as a Crime Prevention Specialist. NYS CPC awards the designation of “specialist” to members who meet specified qualifications.

  • NYS CPC Office: Staff is available to assist and support the needs of the membership.

  • Toll Free Access: Dial 1-800-NYS-CPCC (697-2722) to receive membership services, technical assistance and training information.

Types of Membership:

Active: An individual currently engaged in or retired from service as a crime prevention practitioner by a law enforcement/government agency or community crime prevention program. Dues: $35.00/Annually.

Associate: An individual displaying an interest in and a desire to foster the goals of this organization. Requires sponsorship by two Active Members. Dues: $35.00/Annually

Agency: Agency Membership may be granted to law enforcement and non-profit organizations (501 C3), community-based organizations or neighborhood crime prevention programs which exhibit an interest and desire to foster the mission and objectives of the Coalition.  Dues: $100.00/Annually.

             Student/Youth: Ages 14-22, actively involved in a community crime prevention program. Requires sponsorship by two Active members. Dues: $5.00/Annually

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