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• Founded in 1987, the New York State Crime Prevention Coalition is one of the country’s largest crime prevention associations. The not-for-profit (501- C) organization is driven by a 14-person, volunteer board that ensures statewide representation with its five executive officers and nine area representatives.

• NYS CPC’s membership includes representatives from local, county and state law enforcement; public and private businesses; residents and community organizations; educational leaders, and others interested in reducing crime and criminal opportunity.

• Crime Prevention is important to the quality of life in our neighborhoods, communities and the State of New York. Prevention is the best and most cost effective method of fighting crime.

• If the crime never happens, the cost of the trauma to the victim and community and the costs of investigation, court and incarceration are eliminated.

• There is a lot of publicity and discussion about the extent of crime; homicide, rape, drug sales, victimization of children, white-collar crime, burglary and petty theft. Many say that it’s just too big  a problem and that one person can’t make a difference.

• This is not true. Throughout the state individuals are reaching out, joining together, getting to know their neighbors and taking individual and collective action against violence and crime.

• Businesses and residents are getting involved in community activities and working with law enforcement to reduce crime in their neighborhoods and prevent victimization.

"Help find a missing child"

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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